90% of the visual content we consume daily are in the form of captivating live-action videos. These videos range from advertisements, online classes, interviews, to educational tutorials, either pure live-action or enhanced with 2D/3D graphics for added appeal. Live-action videos are a combination of three elements - Live (recorded), Action (humanized act), and Video (recorded visuals).
Live-action videos are highly popular due to their authenticity. Actual actors bring the story to life, which may be real or fictitious, based on the concept of the storyline. This humanizing aspect of live-action videos resonates with viewers, touching their emotions and influencing their decisions. Businesses frequently use live-action videos, also known as corporate videos, to promote their products, services, culture, milestones, and achievements.
Live-action videos or corporate videos can be customized to meet the needs of advertisers by incorporating visuals, movements, and gestures, which enhance their value. To leverage the power of live-action explainer videos for your business, reach out to 999Media today! Our team of experts will craft visually stunning live-action videos that capture the essence of your brand and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.